[Discussion] Fibromyalgia drugs

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This is the fierce last stand of all I am
Dec 8, 2019
For about 15 months I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lymphedema and osteoarthritis
All I have done today is put the washer on and the tumble dryer, now I'm knackered!

The GP says they have maxed out all the drugs they can give me so they have no other options.
I'm on-
And I self medicate with Phenergan.
The day to CTB is approaching, this is no life ❤
Brick In The Wall

Brick In The Wall

2M Or Not 2B.
Oct 30, 2019
I have a rare type of fibro so I definitely feel your pain. I'm sorry you have so many intense illnesses and that they have you on so many drugs. I'm sure it makes almost everything difficult at times.


Jan 24, 2020
What the doctor is really saying is he's done all he is comfortable doing. I have had chronic pain issues for two decades starting with a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and then a fibro diagnosis a little under 10 years later. There is no literature that states definitively that pain medications don't help fibro, for some they can be effective. I would suggest asking for a referral to a pain clinic, not the pill mill kind. I've personally tried lidocaine infusion therapy, which worked until it didn't, ketamine infusions that I'm still receiving which also help with depression, and am currently on long acting morphine (upto 75mg morphine eqv a day). My pain specialist is still willing to increase pain meds. Granted, none of this may work for you, but maybe it might.


Dec 15, 2018
The fibro drugs don't help me. Fibro is so terrible. It sucks in itself and then on top of it doctors treat you like dirt. You can be a model fibro patient doing everything right and still feeling like shit, and then the second you slip up (e.g. exercise one day less per week or some crap) they tell you you've become deconditioned and start lecturing you about how movement will help your condition. Funny, because no matter how active or inactive I am, I just feel like crap no matter what.
They also never really acknowledge the other symptoms besides pain. Exercise and keeping busy does not actually help my total lack of energy.

Fibro is my number 1 CTB reason. Without it my life would still be worthless, but with it I can more easily let go of those last bits of hope. Because there is no cure for this and I can't live a happy life with it!


stuck in an alternative universe
Nov 9, 2019
Have you ever thought you are taking too many meds? One or two should be able to work if you have to take 7 there is something wrong. Just the amitriptyline alone can make me drowsy. But doesn’t help at all with pain relief. None of the drugs I have tried have given me any pain relief at all and I definitely think taking several at a time would make me feel a lot worse.


Mar 27, 2018
I have tried:

Pregabaline ( got fatal allergy )

Gabapentine 3600 mg ( worked well, but side effects )

Tramadol + Paracetamol ( didnt do shit )

Amitryptiline ( worked a little, but got permanent tinnitus )

Nortriptyline ( better than Ami, but got worse tinnitus )

Diklofenak 100 mg ( helps a bit )

Cymbalta ( didnt help at all, pure poison )

Voxra 450 mg ( got more energy, but also eye maigraine , lower dose works better )