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Discussion Drugs and recovery



"So if you love me let me go" -snuff
Jul 1, 2020
Ok call me crazy (we already know I am lol) but.... Idk maybe it's just me because I have a personality disorder and one personality is all like "RECOVERY LET'S DO THIS!!!" and the other personality is all like "do we have to? Like right now? Because I still want to try that"

Now I know recovery is all like you don't do it anymore or whatever but why can't i? The thought of not doing what I want is kinda slowing down my recovery because I'm not really up for that but what if I didnt? I know it's playing with fire but I mean think about it. I stick with my recovery, I work really hard at it, but maybe on the weekends I enjoy myself a little. Not all that often and if I do start to get addicted to it then drop it immediately. I mean what's wrong with it as long as you're doing it responsibly.


Aug 23, 2020
I don’t have much experience with drugs, I’d like to try a few things tbh. As to what’s wrong with it, the way you describe it makes it sound alright, just the weekends, stopping when you start to get addicted. But, is your own judgement really something you can depend on in that situation? A slow and steady recovery might be better than the risk of a hard relapse.

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Dead beat dad

Dead beat dad

Mar 5, 2019
Hey brother, this is a good question.
The only way to stop doing something that you like, but is harmful (drugs, alcohol, fast food, gambling... Whatever) it because you want to stop.
If you find some sort of addictive behaviour linked to an activity or substance then dabbling is the road to ruin in my opinion, and that ruin won't just be you, it'll be others as well.
I'm not saying stop having fun, just see it for what it is and don't be afraid to seek out sensible support.
I hope you're okay brother, love and respect
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