[Help] does someone know how to kill yourself without pain?

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Hoping for the best - expecting the worst
Dec 28, 2019
Wait what? Who told you SN is a regulated chemical in EU? I’m in EU and I bought it just fine from another EU based seller(just in another EU country, it was shipped into my EU country so it went through borders between EU countries and everything was fine) and it arrived just fine no problems. Plus I’ve heard of others in EU buying it without problems, even people on this site told about their successful experience of buying SN in EU.
Yea, I've bought it in EU without any problems, it's easily available here (Poland). But getting those prescribed medications is a big problem for me, and I don't think that's good idea to try it without them :(


May 21, 2020
Is it really that difficult to find Nembutal?