Does anyone know you're suicidal?

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Jun 1, 2019
My partner knows of my ideation and of my attempts as does my son, and a few hundred members here, and the mental health team, the psych, the case worker, the crisis team, the ED staff, fuck, I might as well take out a full page ad and make sure everyone fuckin knows :wink:

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Oct 4, 2019
My mom knows and I believe she has told some other family members. She's extremely concerned and supportive. She thinks that I am suicidal because of my depression and anxiety, and that since I'm 'unwell' I'm not seeing straight. On the contrary, I feel like I am iredeemable and that my wanting to die is completely logical. I wish I could do it easily and peacefully.
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May 19, 2019
I used to tell it to my mother almost on a daily basis.
Now we are a bit cold on each other and i no longer confide with her anymore.
But, she is definately tipped off to my suicidal ideation.
I still want to try to "fit in" after being done with college. I will try and get a job and rent a house.
If i manage that, then i'm free to commit suicide in peace as she won't be able to intervene.
If i could go back i wouldn't have told her of my intentions.
It's always better to safekeep the element of surprise.
Thankfully i don't think she told anyone else.


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Aug 17, 2019
Out of my mind
I was involved in competitive sports and the communities are intertwined... I have heard that there were rumours that I was suicidal and anorexic. Not sure where they stemmed from but I probably LOOK depressed/suicidal as I can no longer hide it and fake being normal anymore.

I’ve told a friend of mine that I have « thought about it » after he told me he tried twice to drive his car into a pole and came out uninjured. He made indirect mention that if it got bad he’d shoot himself. But he’s always checking on ME and claims he is OK, and getting help.

Otherwise, anyone on here knows and so does my therapist and psychiatrist. I am planning a « miraculous recovery » to get them off my ass so I can do what I need to do.

It won’t be a shock to anyone I think and I’ve avoided contact with all other friends so there is no emotional attachment on either side.


May 14, 2018
Only you strangers. If I had friends it's not worth the embarrassment saying anything.


Aug 19, 2019
Very small trap
One person outside of here knows. But he said I can’t talk about it with him. That it’s depressing, makes him uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to feel responsible if I die. That conversation didn’t end well and I learned my lesson about telling people anything about this.
I have zero goodwill towards people like that. If they were trapped in a burning house, I wouldn't help them either. Luckier here that I have friends who stand by me, though I've also had a sjw fucker literally scold and ghost me over it.

If I survive by some miracle, I will make sure that that fucker has a bad time in some way. Too luvvie to eat cheese, too psychopath to at least be civil to a dying 'friend'. They can survive their miserable life finger-fucking their kitten if they wish, of course it infuriates them to hear that's no life to live.
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Aug 21, 2019
I don't think there's a point in telling it to anyone, so I won't...

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