Denver international airport

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Feb 2, 2020
If it were up to me we would be protesting masks and technology. My downtown is occupied. It's so extreme to see black people dropping the n word at blm. I saw a white professional man get mobbed on untill they decided to call 911 and the police won't come. They took dumpsters from buisnesses and city garbage cans and made it impossible to drive into the city.


Apr 18, 2020
You guys should watch some YouTube vids on DIA creepy!!
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Aug 16, 2019
Paris, France
I’m european. I’ve stayed in Colorado for a time, the Boulder area. DIA, i landed at night and... i didn’t know what to do. I w1s 21 and shy, you know. My English was fairly decent but no more. I knew where to go but it was only the day after. Soooo.... there were phones in the airports at the time, installed by surrounding hotels (it probably doesn’t exist anymore), and some guy picked one and said « do you have a room for a single tonite ? »
I said :ok, let’s just do the same !
So i took one of the phones and repeated the exact same phrase and then i was invited to find -i don’t remember- the D exit of the airport to jump’in their shuttle.
Never found the letter D lol. I found exits with numbers but not letters. It’s only when i came back to the airport to leave the US that i understood letters were on one side of the terminal and numbers on the other :pfff:
So, i took a taxi, and that’s where i realized taxis were super expensive in the US, i had barely any money at all left.
a Spanish guy i befriended in Colorado told me he had spent the night in the airport. Couldn’t sleep ofcourse, the chairs are designed to be uncomfortable.

such good times. I was 20 and so promising.
that’s pretty much when things started to fall apart for me...
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