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Daily cat video to help your recovery

Blank Dreamer

Blank Dreamer

Seeker of Dreams
Sep 12, 2020
Wish I could adopt a cat.
I wanted to adopt/have one for the longest time. And I could've had a chance to take 2 home with me one time. There was a couple that came to my work and was speaking with my boss about 2 black cats they have. Never knew the full story but apparently they were being deported and were not able to take their cats with them. I guess nobody they knew wanted the cats for some reason so they came to our work and asked us if we could find someone who could care for them. They gave us some cat food and other accessories they had with them.

The owners were very saddened and assured us that they were well behaved. To my surprise they actually were! I don't know how to describe it through text and I should've taken a video but these 2 male cats were the most amazing cats I've ever seen in my life. And I've seen many other cats. They never fussed about being picked up. Though they did like to slowly walk into a dark corner, most likely them being scared. I held one into my arms and it seemed to like me. Melted my heart for a brief moment. My boss saw how well they were with me and wanted me to take them. But I couldn't due to my mother. She doesn't like pets, of any kind. We eventually had one of my coworkers take them in. Ugh, still saddens me to this day.