[Help] Cyanide Source?

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Sep 23, 2018
cyanide is highly controlled your best bet would be to extract from apricot seeds blitzing them in methanol and usnig the runnoff do your own reserch into this btw im not a chemist
is extracted by reflux or soxhlet.

I already have more peaceful methods to use, but cyanide has it's own benefits. Does anyone know where to get cyanide? Thanks.
cyanide is practically inaccessible


Sep 21, 2018
Herbals are ...generally not worth it.

I had expected I would be able to get it, but I did not know control was so locked down. Nevertheless, if someone knows a way (Europe) ... survival would be the worst (all methods)

I don't think I would be able to get those steel drums from China, containing 1,000 kg of potassium cyanide past customs ...
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