[Discussion] Clothes you plan to wear while you ctb?

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want to die 25

May 8, 2019
My favorite clothes that I often where.
This is a simpel blue t-shirt. My LGBT hoddie in blue and black jogging trousers.

I want to die in the way that I lived. Without anyone to be able to change me. That's why I wrote also in my suicide note that after my death I don't want to be put in clothes that I would never use in life.


iTaukei Mushroom
Apr 23, 2019
I’m currently on a health kick rn because I want to die skinny. Don’t ask why because I don’t know either. I’m hoping to cop a new outfit to ctb in, preferably either a long skirt and cotton long sleeve sweater, an abaya, or something else. Im indecisive so I’ll probably spend my last week on Pinterest figuring out what to wear.


Nov 12, 2018
Hi Dr Philip Nitschke!

I was wondering, since you're part of the SS now, if you'd give a few of us free assisted suicide using the brand new state of the art Narco machine??? N is terribly hard to get hold of these days...

ends joke
Only for those who passed face control
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Apr 28, 2019
I'm not sure yet....

I was looking at dresses online yesterday with this in mind...

Have a 400$ gift card...

Spent 130 on a couple pairs of leggings.. as it's pretty much all I wear these days.

But thought maybe I'd spend the rest on a nice dress when the time comes..

I don't know yet though, was going to make a thread about this exact thing...

I don't know if I'm going to be buried or what, so would dressing myself nice be me picking out the clothes to be buried in?
That's why I thought people dressed nice, but I don't really know much.


Mar 21, 2019
It should be something that makes you feel good and compliments your method. We all have ideas that make us more likely to complete the task.