Booze to help with the pain of existing?

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Mar 18, 2020
DISCLAIMER: I have posted this on another site and all they did was tell me not to drink. I will not accept any of that bullshittery. Please answer my question exactly as it was asked.

I have had enough of life. I have nothing to live for, so I’m deciding to introduce something new to brighten up my miserably life. The pain of existing never fades no matter how hard I try, and maybe beating my brain into a fuzzy stupor will lighten things up a bit.

I am looking for something strong, and sweet-tasting, that I can drink neat. I have no available mixers, and I am aiming to get very drunk so I can forget about everything.
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Jan 28, 2020
one of my second-cousins was homeless/squatting for a while and would mix whiskey with tea or decaff coffee. You said to not say anything re not doing it, so I won't, but to quote the matrix; 'You have been down that road, and you know exactly where it ends'. It's all your choice.

cheers all the same! I'll be drinking with you lol


Apr 24, 2020
Take two glasses of wine and sniff some Ketamine. That will ease your pain for sure. Its an anesthetic. You wont find something stronger than this. You won't have a hangover.
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ill / failure
Mar 20, 2020
Gotta be honest, I have turned to drink during some of the worst periods of my life. It's a good thing I'm not predisposed towards alcoholism because I actually love the feeling of being drunk. Everything is less painful physically and I become a bit of an extrovert while trashed. Having said that, coca cola and whiskey are an easy go-to. Just don't go too crazy on the ratio of whiskey or it's pukesville. Cheers.
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