Bloated stomach and bowel obstruction and SN

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Mar 31, 2020
I have a bloated stomach and bowel obstruction. I basically have food that I ate for months stuck in my stomach which causes bloating. When I’m fasting my stomach will growl but will not empty. Does this mean I have to give up on SN? If I were to try voluntarily vomiting would that empty my stomach? Sometimes after I eat something I’ll burp and the food I just ate will come up exactly as I ate it. I’ve never been diagnosed with a bloated stomach but I defenetly think I’m bloated. i don’t want to give up on SN.


Nov 1, 2019
Have you ever considered doing an enema? I love doing them and they always make me feel sooo much hetter afterwards. Probiotics are essential afterwards and are apart of my daily regime. A parasite cleanse would also do wonders for overall gut health. Wormwood, green black walnut hull & cloves would the three herbs I would begin working with. Whenever I feel bloated or some type of gut imbalance I take these three synergistically for several days, along with enemas and juicing during the day. Yes fasting is a wonderful practice but just take it slow. Happy healing and wishing you peace!
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Mar 27, 2020
No just do normal fasting and whatever regimen you can acquire.


gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Apr 12, 2019
@Iwouldratherdie, is there some reason you haven't consulted a doctor or at least a pharmacist about this? x


May 22, 2020
It sounds a lot like you may have gastroparesis. Essentially, your stomach doesn't work right and food just sits there. I saw a gastro doctor and it took a long time for the diagnosis. A gastric emptying study was done - had to eat some eggs with radiation and have pics taken of my stomach over a 4 hour period. Funny thing is one of the meds I was put on was metoclopramide. I guess the thing about SN is where in your body you need to absorb it. If you have fasted enough, might not be an issue. I don't know enough about the process. You should see a doctor about this issue to find out what it is. Everyone told me I needed more fiber which was the last thing my system needed. But you may have something else going on and need to be treated differently.
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