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Discussion Appreciation



You know I couldn't last
Mar 1, 2020
This place is the only one where I have found like-minded people, who can genuinely understand and empathise with my experiences on a personal level. I appreciate the feeling of belonging so much, it brings me sanity too:) Feeling appreciative in and of itself is a lovely thing:)

Not to mention, it is so hard to find usable information on how to ctb - Google 100% hides sites like this and makes them difficult to find. SS has greatly increased the chances that when I go to ctb, it will be peaceful and reliable. Moreover, knowing 'exactly' what I am doing will stop me feeling terribly, overbearingly, oppressively, anxious about whether I'm trying to ctb correctly, or whether I'm just gonna give myself brain damage. Avoiding this anxiety is possibly the biggest and most important step for me personally in trying to achieve a 'peaceful' death! SS is an amazing harm-reduction site:)

I'm really thankful for it!! For the people who run it, as well as all the kind and helpful people on here, which is most-everybody:) <3
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