Anyone waiting to ctb to see what happens with the whole Epstein case?

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trapped here
Nov 9, 2019
The wealthy get away with anything and everything. I would be shocked if Ghislaine Maxwell got a long prison sentence if any prison time at all.. shocked! If I ctb before then I would get up out of the grave..


Dec 13, 2018
We are all going to see it anyway, so it’s not a big deal and a reason for me.


Apr 8, 2020
I watched the jeffrey epstein documentary on netflix

It is called jeffrey epstein flithy rich

After watching the documentary i am now convinced nothing will come out of this and the victims will not get justice.

Watching the documentary he was untouchable. Everyone knew the police, the people who worked for him etc

The police recieved get multiple reports about young girls going to epstein home in florida
.These reports date back to the 2000s
The girls would receive money from giving him a massage. The girls were abused in the process.
The police did nothing.

During the documentary there was man who worked for epstein and he worked on his electricity repairs in his private island. The man mentioned he would see young children on the island with older men and espstien.
The man eventually quit

The airport which epstein used to go to his private island. The airport staff would see him with young children coming with him to the airplane.

The money and the connections he had made it possible for him to avoid severe punishment.
In the documentary the girls he targeted tended to come from poor and lower class famillies some of them came from troubled families.

People who come from such familes have no one to fight for them making them an easy target for epstein and such people dont have money to navigate the justice system

There is a pedophile ring involving the rich in fact there possibly multiple we dont even know off.

The rich will do everything they can to ensure the public never find out.
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