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May 5, 2019
I want the afterlife to be like the verse called Rainbow Bridge. I want to meet up with my pets that have died and we can live happily ever after.
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Mar 10, 2020
It took me a lot of de-brainwashing and a ton of research and reading online and watching reputable educational documentaries, educating myself on human evolution, evolutionary biology, anthropology, history etc, when I was about 20 years old. I am a highschool drop out and barely listened to anything in highschool, and I was raised as a moderate muslim. So I was extremely brainwashed to believe that I would be burned and boiled in a firey hell. Fuck I am so glad I'm suicidal, because that's the only way I found out the truth, and that it's all immature bullshit lies. I can understand why billions of people still believe it, I get it, it's terrifying, it's extremely scary to even think about these things, most people just don't like to go too far and too deep into a lot of things, heck most women are scared of their own fucking vaginas that they have no idea what's happening down there! I'm not like that. I have learned to just keep on going deeper in my thoughts, rebel, I'm a rebel, it's weird because I wasn't like that as a kid, I was a shy scared little innocent girl. But growing up and depression has made me this way. That's why I think a lot of people aren't like this, they stick to what they're told, even religious people will have a priest or a mullah to tell them what to do, they won't even bother reading their holy books for themselves, or even doing research online. They're scared to think outside the box, because if you do, God will know and he will know that you're having questions and doubts, and bam - you're going to get punished. I mean anyone with any sense should be able to see through all of it...the afterlife is so wonderful, but OH you can't kill yourself to get there, suicide is a sin!!! Haha, otherwise everyone would kill themselves. Religion is a scheme created to answer questions, and to control people, it's simple politics and God is a scapegoat.

I find it hilarious that religious people are terrified of nothingness after death. It's the same damn thing that happened before your birth! Or when you're asleep and you're not dreaming, or even being unconscious, or black out drunk. I don't know, I guess it must be really terrifying for some people. It was for me too, but I just had to find out for sure. I had my doubts, but deep down I really truly believed and was so scared of hell, I didn't care about heaven, I just wanted nothingness, but even though I had so many doubts and I was never religious and I always did the "wrong sinful things" like sex before marriage, drugs, etc, I still was terrified of hell. After I educated myself properly, in my own way, and really took the time to REALLY understand science and history, I felt so stupid after. I was angry, how could everyone lie like this? I lashed out at my parents and my family, at everyone. I was pissed because I had been lied to about such grand things. Even in school when I did go to class and we learned about planets and space, and evolution, I dismissed it and didn't listen, because it was totally wrong from my religion. And if any Muslim knows, Islam is literal, you have to believe literally everything in there completely, I was raised to believe that the western culture and "white" or Christian, American etc culture was totally wrong and evil, and that all the barbaric shit in Islam is totally 100% true and if you don't believe it you'll suffer an extreme eternal non-stop hell. Turns out it was ALL wrong, even Christianity or the 3 Abrahamic religions, they're just copies of the tales of that time. "God" was just another one of many gods at the time in that area, and people DID travel and they did spread the word. And why are humans so special, what makes us so special that we just HAVE to be eternal and immortal? We are a product of evolution, there is DNA evidence, I'd believe in Ancient Alien theories before I believe in fairy tale stories of magic, we're not even that smart, most of the population are just simple animal robots, there's only a very tiny percentage of people that are truly intelligent.

I thought I was so happy and enlightened after my discovery, but it turns out I was terrified and shocked, because shortly after that I got addicted to heroin. Now there might be other factors here like I had a bad breakup and I was already depressed and suicidal and bipolar, but I just remember right after I figured it all out, I loved getting high and talking about it and pondering about the universe and looking up at the stars after. It's been 11 years since then and I'm still totally firm in my beliefs, but I no longer lash out anymore or get angry at religious people. I accept their beliefs and I understand why they believe it, they're just scared, simple as that. It's a very scary and empty feeling knowing that we're all alone, like on a boat in the middle of the ocean and we have no idea how the ocean or the boat exists, or how or why we exist, it's a scary thought indeed but I'm desensitized to it now.
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Feb 21, 2020
i think it’s so obvious that there is no afterlife and our consciousness is dead basically and there’s nothing after life.
before you were born, there were millions years of existence. all of the historic events you read about all happened before you were even born. and all this time you didn’t exist. you just go back to the state of pre-existence. just nothingness.


Jun 29, 2020
I'm torn on this one. I like the idea of there being something after, but logically there is likely just nothing.


Apr 29, 2019
I've gone through a ton of existential anxiety going over this again and again...and I've very firmly landed on "I don't know". I'm still trying to find spirituality, if anything like that really exists.

But here's the thing about "nothingness" that I keep getting tripped up on...it can't be perceived, and on the timeline of eternity, an infinite amount of time, I just find it hard to believe that whatever perfect storm had to happen to create "you", a consciousness that you perceive, wouldn't happen again. It could be a number of years that we don't even have a name for because it's so large. But on a scale that long, I almost think the odds on that not happening again is impossible. Hopefully for everyone here it doesn't mean it's the same life, or that you would even be the same person. But maybe it's just the awareness and that's what we call "past lives".

Or I'm just overthinking it.
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Jul 2, 2020
just refuse to believe in a heaven/hell. i think, that when we die, we are either
> are reincarnated at random, or on some obscure formula/condition(s) human beings aren't meant to understand
> go to a paradise, in which everyone is allowed to live the lives they want, whenever and however.