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  1. Righttodie

    Share Dreams that will go unfulfilled

    Place to share the dreams you have had for life and feel will never be fulfilled because of how life has turned out. Or maybe dreams you wish can be fulfilled as you have some hope for the future. Not only the body dies, all dreams and hopes do too
  2. 15dec

    [Discussion] Do you wish you could tell your loved ones to make the most of their time with you before you ctb?

    I wish I could tell my loved ones I won’t be here much longer. I know they’ll feel incredibly guilty when I ctb, especially if they feel like they hadn’t spent enough time with me, or made the most of it. It would be amazing if there was some way I could tell them I’ll be gone soon and want to...
  3. Tiburcio

    What do you prefer in your birthday?

    When it used to be my birthday, nobody gave a fuck about it and I spent the whole day alone. It made me want somebody took me in consideration and wish me good things. At the same time, I think it's unconfortable and the day itself is meaningless; at least for me there is nothing to celebrate...
  4. silentinbetween

    [Venting] If only, if only

    I've been thinking a lot about how I could have fixed this. If i had been smarter- if my grades were higher, I'd have hope. If i were prettier- if more people were interested in me, wanted to know me, wanted to love me, I would matter. I would be more than background noise. If I were less...