1. oggie the weirdo

    [Story] Freaked another one out : [

    I think I've Got a real problem with Women. I'm a nice guy and most, if not all people like me and that's nice, the problem is when I 'fall in love' with a certain woman. I become obsessed, and it's very unhealthy and ruins my life and ends up bothering theirs to say the least. I'm not like...
  2. Niko

    do people thing you're weird and you desperately don't know why??

    I don't get it? When I was a kid people used to like me, and even now for the most part I get along with everybody. But there's always this thing between me & everyone else? I can't for the life of me figure it out or what to do about it? People who are ostensibly my friends even say 'there's...
  3. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Does someone have weird phobias?

    I mean, have you a so weird phobia that makes you ashamed of talking about it? That kind of phobias that you can't believe they exist until you see it. Well... This is your place! I personally have two strange fears that I don't know their name. -This can sound surrealistic for people who...