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  1. Mircea

    [Story] The story of my failed drowning attempt

    Now that a week has passed since the event, I decided to share the story of my first practical attempt at getting off this world. It was quite the trip... a little horrifying in some ways but more of an adventure in others. This is going to be quite a story so prepare for a long post. First a...
  2. Mircea

    [Discussion] Drowning in the ocean

    After months of thinking about my plan to escape this world, I have a full scenario planned. I've not yet decided if and when I will have to carry it out but am now prepared for it. I would like to share it here for feedback and to hear other peoples thoughts on it. Note that, in order to avoid...
  3. NoLifeNoPain

    [Help] Water intoxication

    Does anyone know something about this method? Would it be hard or painful? How much water should you drink and how much would it take to die? Thanks.