1. ImSorryEmma

    Another reason why im afriad of failing to CTB

    Description: Cop strikes an attempted suicide victim in the hospital is sentenced to more than five years in prison A cell phone video entered into the court record by the US attorney’s office of Paterson police officer Ruben McAusland putting on hospital gloves and violently striking an...
  2. B

    [Discussion] Life Biased Asymmetry

    This video gave me a lot to think about, it gave me a pretty solid sense of feeling understood. I'm sharing it here to hop it gives others the same feeling. I'd also like to use this thread as an opportunity to discuss what was brought up in the video. There was a lot going on in the short...
  3. 3927

    Videos of suicide

    I keep writing shitty posts and then deleting them because I don't know who the fuck would care so I thought I'd start with a more general post. Who else here watch videos of death/gore/suicide? What are your favourite kinds of videos? How do they affect you? I go to a couple subreddits nearly...
  4. 15dec

    [Discussion] Kids In Crisis - BBC

    I was shown this video a while ago and it’s pretty shocking. In brief, it’s explaining how lacking NHS mental health services are especially for teenagers/children, with a lot of them being denied treatment, having to wait years for it or being sent to facilities miles away from their family and...
  5. Tiburcio

    Video: music to annoy your neighbors

    Hi I noticed there are some threads who people post theur music. I created one but with a variation: I'm trying to overcone my anhedonia and there is no better way of doing it than bothering the shitheads my neightbirs are. All of them are annoying others constantly, no exception, they don't...
  6. Luke

    [Discussion] Slobodan praljak suicide video - which substance?

    I'm afraid it's not something easy to get my dirty hands on but still, if anyone knows what this could be please tell. Cyanide maybe?