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  1. whyidon'tknow

    Experience with train attempts

    Been toying with this idea. I imagine the biggest factor to overcome is SI. Between the time you make contact the train and you being dead is less than 5 seconds eh?, Does anyone have any stories they can share? How strong is the SI compared to Hanging or other methods? Thank you
  2. J

    [Method] Forget waiting for a bus, i think i'm taking the tube train...

    I've reviewed the news and there have been four suicides on the tube train in my city this year, with a fifth person that was pulled away before they could jump. It's messy and it'll leave other people scarred, too, but i'm deteriorating at such a rapid pace i don't think I even have time to...
  3. MiserableBastard1995

    Suicide by train: inside knowledge

    Personally, I've already planned everything (including a backup location) for execution-style long drop hanging. But another option is always a good thing, so here's some tips from someone who actually works on the railways: If you must do it via train (it really does fuck up most railway staff...
  4. RealMe

    [Method] Theorizing on the different methods

    Hello, I would like everyone's insight on the different suicide methods please and which they find to be the most reliable, most quick and least painful. I would like everyone's tips on these methods please Hanging: I will be honest and say I dont know all the different ways of hanging and if...
  5. Marz

    [Method] Best method when running out of time (quick)

    Basically I have not a lot of time left. I need to kill myself either tomorrow or the following days before next week. I had some options but they require time and effort (and money) like SN but seems unlikely. I have been considering ligature strangulation or as last resort jumping in...
  6. hotgarbage

    Jumping into a train?

    Is it a good method? I've heard it's "foolproof", but I'm not quite sure. How do I jump correctly? I don't know what position should I assume to ensure it goes well, and I'm not really sure anyone of you would know, but hopefully I will get out some information about it, as I want to research...