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  1. J

    Aconite (Aconitum Nepellus)

    Hi, I’m new and have joined to find out more about monkshood (Aconitum nepellus). I recently purchased some seeds online and intend to have this plant ready by July 2019. I have experience in growing plants from seed and I have a hydroponic system should the seedlings need any extra help...
  2. Y

    [Method] Hydrogen sulfide

    Hi! I've been doing some research on hydrogen sulfide and i have some questions regarding the ingredients for this method. I live in Poland and the access to chemicals here is more restricted (I haven't come across any of the highly toxic pesticides that could be consumed in order to commit...
  3. Tiburcio

    I spit on almost every human

    I simply spit on all them. I never saw a more closed, selfish and aggresive shit in my life. Toxic piles of shit, that's all humans are. Always causing problems and justifying eveything they do, always with their aggresivity and their stupid pride or their ideas of shit and trapoing others. And...
  4. Tiburcio

    Hate living with family

    When my family is at home, I can't do anything. I can't play, watch or listen anything without being annoyed and disrupted. I don't like any of this things to be honest but is still better than doing anything staring at things. I can't cry because this leads to bigger problems. I must pretend...
  5. Smilla

    Disillusioned with politics

    Certainly it’s not even close to being my main reason for ctb but I find myself unable to follow politics in the US anymore because the climate here is so toxic and unbearably fucked up. Sad even. Does anyone else feel this way? About their own country, not just the US?
  6. Tiburcio


    I know is very painful but fuck it, if I don't puke it's useful for me. It's painful, kills in a lot of time but is it reliable? If not, tell directly it isn't and I will forget the idea. If it can work, tell me how many hours I will be in agony, the recommended dosage and if it exist some...
  7. Tiburcio

    I feel intoxicated.

    I endured with this all my life. Depressed people is considered lazy people who don't want to understand the world. Surely things will change after all... I'm tired of this comments. I hate with all my heart every time I'm encouraged to live or fight for more time just because the things can...