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  1. 15dec

    Which ways to ctb are least noisy?

    Specifically wondering about carotid artery compression with tourniquet method or partial hanging.
  2. 15dec

    [Method] Carotid artery compression convulsions

    How bad are the convulsions from carotid artery compression? Is there anyway to reduce them or at least make them less likely to unwind the rod? (Using tourniquet method)
  3. 15dec

    [Discussion] Neck padding

    Is it worth padding your neck? I’m planning on carotid artery compression using the tourniquet method, with tights as a ligature. Not sure what to use to pad my neck though, if anything.
  4. Moth

    I just broke a nail on my tourniquet

    That's a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say. But I've put a lot of thought, and done a lot of research, and this seems to be the best way for me. Tourniquet tight around my throat. I can't tell anyone I know, about what I'm doing. They will only stop me. But I feel I can't go without...
  5. Suicat

    [Help] Ligature strangulation... again.

    I previously posted about finding the dizziness too much to stand (whilst sat on the floor - hiding from staff as I'm still on the psych ward), it felt like the exaggerated dizziness in dreams, I would panic and loosen the tourniquet/move my head for some kind of relief, but obviously it...
  6. Suicat

    Ligature strangulation - tourniquet

    So, I'm on a psychiatric ward and wouldn't get away with partial suspension hence the use of strangulation, I think I've figured out how to compress the carotid arteries... After trying for years and years. But, my problem is that I can't handle the intense dizziness without panicking and...
  7. NoLifeNoPain

    [Resource] Tourniquet method guide

    This is the summary of the compression chapter in Five Last Acts for the lazy ones in our forum. This guide is wrote by me this time, I hope it's comprehensible enough. I want to make this as simple as possible. What is the tourniquet method? The tourniquet method consists in compressing the...
  8. Tiburcio

    Are tourniquets useful?

    I saw to other user having problems with this method and I have problems too. I read the Exit Path chapter but I still have doubts. I doubt about the effectiveness of this. I never did it successfully. I heard you have to reach the carotid artery that is the deepest but I don't know if I did...
  9. NoLifeNoPain

    [Help] I need some help (tourniquet method)

    (I'm not a native speaker. I'm using a dictionary to write this and some basic grammar rules I learned in school and on the internet. I hope you don't mind. I'm not trying to be direspectful, I'm just desperate and don't have time to learn proper english. I apologize for possible mistakes or...