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  1. S

    [Discussion] too much suffering

    I wonder when we will thoroughly understand that this life just is.....no good no bad just a daily struggle with some brief
  2. Deadgirl

    [Venting] Why Didn't I Die?

    Last Thursday I tried to OD on 16000 mg of tylenol ER 625mg tablets. All it left me was with extreme vomiting for two days then upper abdominal pain and now nothing. The only abnormal thing is decreased urination. I'm so disappointed. I'm tempted to take the entire bottle then see what happens...
  3. Worsethangarbage

    [Discussion] Ashamed of saying goodbye and coming back....

    I always feel shameful and like a attention whore whenever I say, I am going to ctb and go off but come back here. It's painful and I feel like I am just asking people to care for me when they don't have any obligations to do so. I am just asking for free care and kind words which are wasted on...
  4. G

    [Discussion] My life is going well, yet i have no desire to continue to do this for the next 60+ years

    Basically the title. I have had depression for years, it's just part of my personality now. I'm content in my life and make strides to improve myself my career, etc. I have goals and am organized and have passions and hobbies I love. My family is strong and stable and loving. I do lack a lot of...
  5. Niko

    [Method] method for when you're so fucking tired??

    idk if this was asked before... I don't have the energy to do anything. I really had the impulse to ctb today but I couldn't get off my bed. I slept and slept and when I was awake I stared into the darkness and tried desperately to go back to sleep. I'm basically dead already really, no...
  6. Larez

    [Venting] Every new day hurts more than the last ( ° ͜ʖ °)

    TL;DR, hungover again. Obvious remarks about life inc. Life is a perpetual state of repetition, grinding, fighting against time, stochasticity and entropy. It has a few instances of comfort sprinkled throughout it, but it is very rare to satisfy anyone. Cosiness and felicity taste best after...
  7. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] No sleep

    Do you know guys that feeling when you liecin your bed trying to sleep but you begin to have stressful thoughts or just anxiety and it doesn't let you sleep? That's what I feel every night. And every morning too, I ever both sleep and wake up in despair. Pills doesn't help even a bit...
  8. Tiburcio

    I feel intoxicated.

    I endured with this all my life. Depressed people is considered lazy people who don't want to understand the world. Surely things will change after all... I'm tired of this comments. I hate with all my heart every time I'm encouraged to live or fight for more time just because the things can...
  9. Tiburcio

    I'm tired of everything

    I'm so tired of living. When nothing brings you enjoyement anylonger, you know what you must do. My lack of motivation in life opened my eyes: no more goals will keep me trapped. My depression saved me of life. It won't be necessary suffering everyday with very few things to cope. Directly, it...