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  1. L

    job ideas?

    thought this was the perfect place to ask. i have a Bachelor degree in social science and something like law. Problem is that Not only am I suicidal but Not really working towards that but I lost my way of thinking after multiple psychosis episodes and schizophrenia. i have been recovering...
  2. A

    [Method] CTB - Combo method

    Hi Guys, Just reaching out for some advice. There are 2 options and I would like your thoughts on both of them. The target is to make it look like an accident. No plans of doing it right now but just want to have a solid plan in mind for future purposes. Also very comforting to have a...
  3. DrownedOctopus

    Anyone else do the same?

    I’ve been thinking a lot today, and now I’m curious. I have a routine I do every single day because without it I do nothing to be a functioning human. I only started doing it because my daughter needs me to care for her, without her I couldn’t care less. If I skip it, I don’t drink water, my...
  4. DrownedOctopus

    [Discussion] NDE

    Have you ever had a near death experience unrelated to suicide? If so was it a moment you were scared in or did you welcome it?? Did it affect your suicidal thoughts at all? If so, how long before you felt the urge to kill yourself again? Personally, I’ve been in a few situations involving car...
  5. Lettam

    [Discussion] How do you stop feeling like trash?

    I'm currently incredibly depressed/suicidal and I don't really look forward to much anymore except one thing: a long hot shower with my favorite music in the background. Standing under nice hot water and zoning out the world has become my favorite past time to not feel like trash. What's yours?
  6. StreamingMySuicide

    [Discussion] Do you feel worse when waking up or before going to sleep?

    As simple as the title. Do you feel worse when you wake up or when you go to sleep? Why do you feel that way? It's okay if you don't know.
  7. billymayonnaise

    [Venting] I don't even want to be better

    The thought of using drugs, therapy, etc. to become servile to the world at large bothers me a bit. I don't want to even tolerate the shittiness of earth, I just want to be rid of it. All of the slavery, corruption, suffering, and problems aren't worth staying around for.