1. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] Mental health is so important...

    ...yet the salaries of graduate degree prepared mental health counselors are so low relative to other professionals'.
  2. color_me_gone

    [Discussion] Help for the brain: Meditation?

    I am opening a discussion thread about using Meditation as a means to help our suffering. There is tons of information on the web about using meditation to help one feel better about oneself. Our brains are our own worst enemy. Meditation can help us fight that. Prominent institutions like...
  3. C

    [Help] Going to a therapy session today

    What can you all here on SS tell me about as much accurate information on therapy sessions and what not, wish me luck, I hope this session goes well.
  4. C

    [Story] Friday going to talk therapy

    Friday going to talk therapy, Within this day within this misery, Even if it works, I know it will hurt, Deep inside, It could be pride, Or ego, I shall not let go, Of my reality, Within rationality, All information, It gets recycled, Within all titles, Within all labels, I do not care...
  5. Hiraeth

    [Venting] Therapy

    Does anyone feel like therapy is useless when you already have plans to CTB? My parents and friends are pushing me to go back to a therapist (i havent had one since 2016 and i only saw them once) because they’re worried about me and think it will help me. Every therapist I’ve gone to has either...
  6. Blacktarheroine

    Abuse victims

    I know I’m not the only one who feels like this but I’m just curious if anyone else has endured any long term domestic abuse, parental abuse and or sexual abuse that has made them feel worthless and whatnot. I was heavily abused by my mother my whole life from as far back as I can remember. I...
  7. John Smith

    What are some songs/music that are therapuetic for you?

    I've partly been listening to songs that I try to listen to to get into a good mindset so if I do the deed that I can think of those/listen to those. Some for getting over fear of death like Don't Fear the Reaper. Others I listen to that I just listen to because they fit how I'm feeling. Five...