1. sumbumedguy

    [Help] Methods for a broke teenager

    my parents saw my cuts and took away everything my bank account rope kitchen knives razers and chemicals I have to use baby toothpaste so I don't swallow it I have 50 bucks in a visa card they don't know about how can I ctb I was going to hydrogen sulfide but can't now I want it to be kind of...
  2. Dreemurr

    [Help] I need to make a plan

    Hi. I need to make a plan to kill myself but it's kinda hard to do it. See, I'm a 17 y/o teen, but I've lived a sheltered and isolated life. I have zero social skills so I only interacted with people at school, and now that I finished it I'm living a NEET/hikkomori life. I live with my mother...