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  1. D

    hanging points for suspension hanging?

    What are any good possible points? Give me all you ideas.
  2. O

    [Help] Suspension hanging (can’t pass out)

    Hello, I’m new here. After making multiple suicide attempts by different methods, I have decided to take on the suspension hanging method. And this time I am in dire and rather desperate need of actually passing on though my will to put myself through a lot of physical pain especially...
  3. A

    [Method] Why is partial so painful?

    I was going to do partial and then just as I'm about to pass out I would have kicked my chair out from underneath me but it's extremely painful. I'm putting a lot of pressure on my neck (above Adam's apple and under jaw) but it just digs in and stops me from being able to breathe properly. I...
  4. John Smith

    Can someone explain the hanging method using a "metal ring" for constriction?

    Honestly I have no idea what kind of ring they are talking about or how to properly use it. Please someone break this down for me and include a picture of it if possible.Thanks.
  5. D

    [Help] Need help with partial suspension preparation

    So I am thinking about doing it today. Hopefully everything goes right but I am still a bit uncomfortable doing it by self and fucking it up in the process. First I am not sure about the type of setup I have. I will send pictures of where I will do it so maybe someone can guide me better. I...
  6. John Smith

    Has anyone been unable to get full suspension hanging to work?

    I'm afraid of it not working for me.
  7. R

    Partial suspension using a belt

    Today I tried partial suspension using a leather belt, 3-4 cm wide, for the first time. I simply made a noose by "closing" the belt without locking it. The other end I locked in the window at the height of the window handle. I tested if this way of locking the belt would carry my weight, it was...