survival instinct

  1. S

    [Help] How do you force yourself to just do it?

    So, I'm currently halfway saved up to my goal of buying 2 bottles of N but I have one problem. How do you force yourself to just do it? I'm scared I'll pour the bottles into the glass and then just stare at it, eventually sighing and dumping it out. In my previous "attempts" I've fucked it up...
  2. A

    Advice for jumping

    Hi everyone, I plan on jumping from a cliff pretty soon. What advice do you have to fight that survival instinct? My current plan is to have a couple of drinks, listen to my favourite songs and then take a running jump. Current plan is to spend the next week and two days enjoying my life...
  3. NoLifeNoPain

    [Discussion] Fear of death

    We all want it, but we all also fear it. Survival instinct. How are you going to defeat this ugly monster that keeps you away from your goal?
  4. A

    [Help] Big suicide machine

    I want to build a BIIG Suicide Machine/device. A BIIG FUCKING DEATH MURDER MACHINE. This idea came to me while thinking about life...I thought that if I might kill myself in a year or two I should be able to build the most ingenious device to ever kill yourself with. Ideally, a device makes it...