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    Suicide pact

    Hi. I’m an 18 year old girl from Sweden wanting to CTB. My preferred method is jumping off a high building such as a bridge/hotel. I’m looking for a suicide partner who won’t back out last minute. Someone who’s 110% certain they want to die. Someone genuine & committed. Cba with another...
  2. Z

    [Help] Seeking Suicide Buddy in AUS

    Hi there. My name is Zee (majority abbreviated haha) I am a trans woman, utterly despise life including myself. I want to end it all but I dont want to be alone in the moment. So I'm wondering if someone is wanting the same, Australia area. I'm from Queensland but location isnt an issue, we can...
  3. M

    There is no point and ive made up my mind

    Im a writer. I write creatively. I have since I can remember. And I am losing my ability to write. I can barely see anything on my right side and it keeps getting worse. I also have seizures and intense headaches and i can barely remember my name. Ive gone to the e.r. and they said theres...