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  1. Alpha_Draco_Pegasus

    [Venting] A reaction to those who consider suicide to be "selfish"

    This is something that has angered me for quite a while and I've been wanting to get around to expressing my thoughts, feelings and insights about this without being irrational or melodramatic. In school, rehab, and society in general, the attitude at large of suicide is, Do not keep suicidal...
  2. S

    Are there people here who want to die because of a toxic parent?

    My father. He humiliates me. I can't leave him anywhere. For many reasons. I'm tired of living like this and I want to die. I'm really tired, he's raping my psyche.
  3. A

    [Discussion] A video supporting the right to die

    For years now I've wanted to make a video that holds all (or most) of my arguments in favor of the legalization of suicide (with certain limitations). In 2008, 11 years ago, I sat down in front of my webcam and I began talking about this subject - but I never uploaded the video. Since then, I've...
  4. S

    How to get a gun with a bullet?

    I tried hanging myself. Too painful, agonizing agony. Tried The Exit Bag. For too long, you might as well quit, constantly overcome by fear. I need another way. Suicide by shooting me in the head is ideal for me. Fast, no pain (1 second pain), reliable. But I don't know where to get a gun with...
  5. BeenDoneForSoLong

    Make it look like an accident - Aus

    Right now and I'm sure this is the case for many -Many people would just kill themselves if they can make it look like an accident... so I was thinking why not make use of our famous natural fauna in Australia that can apparently (from a global perspective at least), kill us so easily? Wondering...
  6. Breezy

    Why I joined.

    My girlfriend of 3 years committed suicide 2 years ago. When I found her still alive I wish I took her gun out of her hand and shot myself so I could die with her. Life hasn’t been the same since, and I think about death everyday. Even before my girlfriend left, ever since I was a child I...
  7. Alpha_Draco_Pegasus

    [Story] Who am I? This is why I want to kill myself. This is my Fate.

    I joined this forum community because I'm taking my decision to commit suicide very seriously. After 10 years of suicidal ideation, from the age of 16 up to 26, my current age, I have recently confirmed with myself that this is definitely what I want to do. I want out - ASAP. I feel like I have...
  8. L

    job ideas?

    thought this was the perfect place to ask. i have a Bachelor degree in social science and something like law. Problem is that Not only am I suicidal but Not really working towards that but I lost my way of thinking after multiple psychosis episodes and schizophrenia. i have been recovering...
  9. S

    How to make the last step?

    I have a stool right now. I can put my neck in a noose right now, but I can't take the last step. How to do this? Just one step and kick back the stool. I'm tired of life, my life is hell, but I'm a coward and I can't just end it. How?
  10. Darkhaven

    [Discussion] Would an explaining note exclude an autopsy?

    The thougth of having people basically carving and opening my body is unbearable to me, even though i would be long dead. It just makes me realise how our bodies are not entirely our own and we are basically "public property". Now with that being said, in my country autopsies are mandatory in...
  11. GeorgeJL

    [Resource] Poll - The Main Cause Of Your Suicidal Ideation?

    Hi everyone. So there are three options. Try to take your time with this. Read the options and really think about it. Try to pick the one that weighs the heaviest on your reason for being suicidal. Only use 3 if you have to. 1. Genetic/Nature - Choose genetic if you were raised in a healthy...
  12. S

    [Discussion] My biggest dilemma with CTB

    This is something I have not/did not/do not want to consider, but I have no other real choice. My little one is a sensitive soul. We were at our sons place the other day and after a evening meal with our daughter in law and the little one, our DiL got a few photographs out that were of her own...
  13. GeorgeJL

    [Recovery] Suicide Memes May Be A Form Of Therapy - Vice Video

    I came across this, I thought some of you might be interested. Suicide memes may be a form of therapy Here's a funny one I found. I'm not necessarily trying to...
  14. slothturtlebro

    [Discussion] [Painless Suicide Method] FENTANYL & CHAINSAW - Opinions?

    Hello, what are your opinions on this method?: placing a chainsaw on the floor attached, then injecting 500mg of furanyl fentanyl lying on the floor with my head just above the chainsaw (the chainsaw being on), and evetually i will lose consciousness within seconds/minutes then my head would...
  15. Kjo

    [Discussion] More pressure from a feeling of "cried wolf"

    I'm not sure how weird this sounds... But I've been depressed for so long and finally told everyone in my life, therapists included, that I'm too tired to keep going. They're all aware. No, they didn't lock me up. They all see the cuts and self harm scars, new and old. . . Now every day I...
  16. whyidon'tknow

    Tried Partial....Going for Full hanging. Need advice

    To start, here is my partial hanging experience. I used a boat anchoring rope and had it tied to a pull up bar. I then put the rope on the outside of the door. I hyperventilated and passed out. From what I have been able to piece together I then bashed my face and nose against the door. in my...
  17. S

    [Discussion] Suicide & Humour

    I was reading a thread a few minutes ago and one of the responses made me laugh. I still am not sure if the reply was serious or sarcastic. My initial reaction was, fck me, if I was not already suicidal I sure would be after watching those!! Fascinating Industrial Processes? But then I got to...
  18. GeorgeJL

    [Recovery] The Hidden Cause Of Your Depression - For Older People - For Suicidal People

    I think I've rediscovered a hidden cause of depression and why many of the older people are on here need to look into this. For women it's called menopause for men it's called andropause. In both cases the bodies hormones go through a stage in which they downgrade sometimes leaving us feeling...
  19. S

    Hanging. What can you put under the rope?

    I bought rope. The thickness of the 1 millimetre. She squeezes my neck too hard during the hanging. That hurts. What can you put under it, so that the sensations were not so unpleasant? To achieve maximum comfort. I'm going to do it by touching my toes to the floor. What can you give more advice?
  20. Imustdevourthe

    Speaking in "tongues" while drunk.

    Maybe I really want speaking in tongues but the father of my child came over last night and said I kept saying something he couldn't understand and also that I can't do this I just want to die. I was shitfaced. I have no memory. I asked him did it sound like slurring or another language...he...