1. Lost Soul

    [Help] Singularity

    I want to CTB because I hate this reality. According to scientists we will be able to live in virtual reality within a few decades. That's what's making me feel uncomfortable about suicide, because I'll probably be able to find happiness in this life. (I'm 18 yo)
  2. mothfly

    Suicide by starving

    Hey everyone, I recently decided the best way to go would be simply starving myself to death. I don't give a crap about anything anymore. I don't know if there is similar topic already and my shitty phone won't let me search through the website as I would like. Also sorry if I put this in the...
  3. Deadgirl

    [Discussion] Why Is suicide demonized in a lot of cultures?

    In religions those who commit suicide go to "hell". In my parents home country people who attempt go to jail. Suicides get the worst part of the graveyard. My family looks down at people who commit suicide because to them you must stick around for your family, well f*ck that!
  4. I

    [Method] Need some advise on partial hanging

    I have mental health issues that i dont think I will ever recover fully from. I feel like I'm rotting away inside. All my senses are getting worse and worse. So I'm planning on hanging myself in my basement from a steel weight machine. I have a few important questions. So I made a noose out of...
  5. H

    [Resource] How to find Sodium Nitrite on the internet: a guide

    Sodium nitrite has been restricted slowly on ebay and amazon. You will now need to find shops on the open net.. Heres how. What you need: Ublock origin for ads. At least 20 usd in electronic money. This guide assumes google isn''t blocked in your country...
  6. Nobodysfault

    [Discussion] Back in time or suicide?

    If you had a choice would you rather go back in time to whenever you want and do things different or choose suicide anyway? Feel free to to tell why you chose your answer and write about what age you'd go back to and what you would do different. Me: i'd choose to go back in time, as far as i...
  7. suffocation


    my parents do not care what they feel or stop feeling (I think they want it to disappear) just do not make an effort to be a good son but it hurts that my parents do not help me, they know that I use drugs, I want to kill myself, my mother He saw me cutting me and he does not care, he saw me...
  8. I am ___________

    [Venting] End of the line. 21 days till ctb

    Atleast I can say I tried, I tried to see if things would get better but not to my suprise, it does not. Things have just become even more worse, there is no point in keeping an animal in complete misery. Should just put it out of it's misery, unfortunately there is no one to do that for...
  9. muretax

    [Venting] Depression Session

    I’m just going to jump right into it. I left a management position last year to take care of my mental health. I almost didn’t make it this far and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been unemployed since late last October and I got my first interview for a new job next week and usually...
  10. DariaBuPL

    It's time to say goodbye.

    I have been planning this for 4 months now. And finally after checking all the places I could possibly do it and thinking about which method would be the best for me, I'm ready. And to be honest, I'm kinda terrified and happy at the same time. I'm just sad that I can't cry anymore. Even one...
  11. V

    Implementing the night night method

    Could someone help me in this? @Kooz Do I have the wrong hatchet? I am attaching the things I am using. My ratchet has two things. One with the steel part with a hook on the other side. The other part also has a hook on one side and just free end. I don't get how you could use this to make just...
  12. S

    Is there anyone who actually managed to commit suicide and by what method?

    Do you know someone who created posts on this site and still was able to?
  13. S

    [Discussion] I am a transgender (MtF), and I want to commit suicide. Looking for like-minded people.

    I'm 20 years old and transgender (MTF). I'm tired of fighting gender dysphoria, it's so strong that I can't leave the house. I can't communicate with people because of her. Suffering 24/7. There were attempts to start hormone therapy, to adapt, all in vain. There are many reasons, factors, for...
  14. Baku

    [Discussion] 90% of People who survive a Suicide Attempt don't end up committing suicide.

    Hey SS I've found this article Article , thanks to @FTL.Wanderer for sharing it btw, which shows that circa 90% of people who survive an attempt won't end up dying of suicide. What do you all think? Have the statistics been inflated? Are we really just in a crisis?
  15. s_girl

    [Discussion] Suicide as Escape?

    Just wanted to share an interesting read based on Baumeister’s ‘Suicide as Escape from the Self’. According to Baumeister, there are six primary steps in the escape theory, culminating in a probable suicide when all criteria are met (emphasis added). You can ignore most of the article, but...
  16. R

    [Story] My story

    I want to share with all of you who would like to read this, why and how did I get into this point. Suicide, the idea of ending my life by myself have been surrounding my head for a lot of years. It is very rear the nights before going to sleep without thinking of suicide; mostly every single...
  17. Zaynaldeen

    [Venting] Why do people care about the others around them and don't kill themselves because of them?

    Why would you torture yourself because your parents 'might' be sad when you commit suicide? Personally, I don't give a damn about others and I would especially not keep myself from doing something for the sake of others. My mother's father died, okay she was sad for a couple of days and then she...
  18. Goran

    Benzos+Alcohol= 100% Lethal combination?

    Do you guys think that 29 times 3mg bromazepam (that is a benzodiazepine/benzo) with much alcohol can kill somebody? Because i am planning on killing myself today and i do want it to be a lethal dose. I do not want to wake up and be alive with the unbearable pain that will probably appear if...
  19. Sarainia Angelsong

    [Help] Death by hanging!

    I would like to know the best way to Hang just once and it be over! I may have some difficulties pulling it off as the place I'm living at doesn't really have high up horizontal poles, the highest I found so far is a shower one that is just a bar where the curtains open and close, also the best...
  20. Iman

    [Discussion] Announcing suicide in advance

    What do you think about announcing the intent to catch the bus in advance? Obviously, proclaiming that you will ctb in the next few days, will lead to dismay and people trying to stop you. So what if, instead of a few days, you make it a year? What about 5 or even 10 years? Would increasing...