suicide note

  1. U

    [Discussion] Should I leave an angry suicide note?

    So I will be leaving this world with a lot of anger, aimed mostly at my parents. I just don't know whether to leave a suicide note or not. I know for sure that I will write a lot of unpleasant things to them if I do leave a note, so I'm thinking maybe it's better to not leave a note at all. On...
  2. [NoName]

    [Discussion] How to help those left behind

    One of the main reasons I don't want to commit suicide is how it will hurt those I love and who love me. Setting up things while I'm alive to help people along the grieving process is an important part of taking my life (if I do decide to ctb). A few concerns for me is: A body to grieve over...
  3. O

    [Discussion] Suicide notes - ideas and plans, anyone?

    Anyone planning on writing a suicide note? and if so, what are you writing it about/on? I have written multiple to deal with instead of self harm (during summer, too much hassle), so anyone else planning of writing or has written one?
  4. gumpygrungegirl

    [Venting] Poem (suicide note idea for me)

    Do I eat breakfast or starve myself again? tonight I will write my suicide note but only in my head. Tomorrow I will wish I was already dead, and despite all this I will still get myself out of bed." (thinking about how to write my suicide note)
  5. Sasha

    [Help] Suicide note

    Is writing a suicide note necessary? Are you guys going to leave a suicide note behind? Why? I’m really confused if I should write a suicide note or not.