suicide methods

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  1. P

    Paraplegic needs help to kill herself

    Hi. I need help figuring out how to successfully kill myself. I jumped from a rooftop two years ago, but instead of dying I broke my spine and am now paralyzed from the chest down. Because my country is extremely unfriendly to wheelchairs, and bec my parents are overprotective, I always have a...
  2. M

    Question to ask

    I'm planning i could hang myself with bodyweight. I think it's called suspension hanging. I'm thinking to take 700mg of valium or diazepam or whatever it is called plus loads of alcohol when i have the rope around my neck tightly as i'm standing. Then I would drink my booze, wait the meds and...
  3. W

    [Discussion] Where to kill yourself in ottawa (canada) area?

    Posted this in the off-topic forum, got no traction. In need of general method help, for discreetness and quickness. i do not want to live another second, and at this point, i just want to get this over with. perhaps there are secret cliffs or areas where i could disappear forever? maybe...
  4. Dog Food

    [Help] Need a bit more information on yew poisoning

    Although it may be unlikely that I'll use yew, I know the mixture can be prepared in advance and has no antidote, so I would like to have it as a backup. I just need some information on where yew trees usually grow, the number of needles that are needed to be 100% fatal if I weigh around 95...
  5. R

    [Method] Looking for a method to kill myself.

    Hi I've decided I want to kill myself. I've been debating this for months and I believe this is what God is telling me to do. I've considered slitting my wrists (as I've been an active cutter for 10 years) but every time I get in the bathtub with the razor I'm worried about the pain. (I honestly...
  6. I

    Need help with information on hanging properly.

    Hi im new to this thread. Have been looking for suicide methods and i think hanging or wrist cutting are the only options available. I have done some search on hanging but havent gotten alot of information. Anyone who can help with how to go about it properly? Like what type of rope, drop...
  7. RevolutionaryRed

    Alcohol, xans and a river?

    I need your help. I don't have a lot of options, I don't have a gun , no talk buildings in my small town , no N, etc. So I was thinking of popping a few xans, getting drunk then jumping into the town lake. You think it'll work ?
  8. L

    [Help] Drug charges after surviving attempt? (hypothetical)

    Hello all, I'm brand new here but this is the only place I know of to ask this question. The method that I have chosen is overdose from heroin. Obviously since that substance is highly illegal in the US I'm worried about being found and getting locked up for possession after being narcaned...
  9. wanttodie

    [Help] want to end my life

    im 55 years old looking for a good way to end my life im in Canada looking for any thing i buy too help in a adding my life like what can i od on need to end it
  10. A

    [Resource] Strangulation and Exit Bag method

    This book has pretty much all you need to know about strangulation, of all kinds. This + my experiments should give you a good idea of what strangulation is. It also has a bit of information about exit bags and whatnot but I didn't pay attention to it. Here you go. Link version 1...