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  1. Pepper

    [Help] Anyone ever tried stabbing themselves?

    I know it sounds dumb, but I had an attempt back in 2015 with scalpel blades, and came 2cm close to hitting my heart. Was wondering if that would be another option again? Minus the scalpel blades. I do have two very sharp knives, and have already hit I'm assuming my lung or my heart (the knife...
  2. 4

    [Help] overdosing on prozac/fluoxetine

    hello, just out of the hospital after 5 months. 11 suicide attempts. i’m desperate now - will an overdose on prozac be enough to finally kill me?
  3. Rex2019

    [Help] CTB method that looks like an accident

    Hi everyone, So I am looking for a method that ideally: 1.Looks like an accident painless and quick 3. Allows organ donation I understand that all three together might not be achievable. But I just listed them in case someone knows a method that meets all 3 requirements But if not, my...
  4. Alucard

    A painless way out ? Because life is NOT a duty.

    Good evening, First of all, thank you very much for accepting me as a member in your forum. I am delighted to have discovered a forum allowing an absolute freedom of expression on Death, which is very rare (the death being however a subject which concerns us all ...). My name is Alucard :)...
  5. Zaynaldeen

    [Method] Hanging with belt on a pull-up bar

    So I finally have found a way to kill myself fast, all it takes is courage. I recently got this pull-up bar because I wanted to do some pull ups and chin ups at home. What do you guys think of this?
  6. S

    Best place to dead and find stuff dead without pain

    Hello i am french canadian and i want to dead without pain and a see a lot about nembutal but darkweb site closed where is sell real nembutal and the other site all fake and don't want to lose my money. Also a see about Exit bag but the body fight and the people try this not dead after that. I...
  7. A

    Monoxide carbon death?

    hi everyone i am a 26 yo guy living in italy so first of all excuse me for my english. Today i was writing my suicide letter and i am wondering what method is less painful. So i thought that maybe the best thing is dying from monoxid carbon intoxication through my car. Can anyone explain me how...
  8. anurgetowardlove

    A messy suicide

    I've spent a lot of time looking at methods and their results. The main issue with guns is just how much of your face it's going to blow off. I knew someone who attempted suicide and failed, and he was left with more or less a flap of skin for a bottom jaw. Even browsing places like goregrish or...
  9. P

    [Help] I need help planning out how i should go about killing myself

    So I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm planning to throw myself under a train and I need some advice on how to do this properly. I'm curious about things that can go wrong when I attempt this and how I can avoid them. Because I'm a little girl does that limit my chances of going into the train station...
  10. I

    Need help with information on hanging properly.

    Hi im new to this thread. Have been looking for suicide methods and i think hanging or wrist cutting are the only options available. I have done some search on hanging but havent gotten alot of information. Anyone who can help with how to go about it properly? Like what type of rope, drop...
  11. C

    [Method] A economic ctb?

    Hi everyone, Someone can tell me a good conbination of medicines to make my CTB more efficient with a smaller amount of material?
  12. A

    [Help] Big suicide machine

    I want to build a BIIG Suicide Machine/device. A BIIG FUCKING DEATH MURDER MACHINE. This idea came to me while thinking about life...I thought that if I might kill myself in a year or two I should be able to build the most ingenious device to ever kill yourself with. Ideally, a device makes it...
  13. J

    [Discussion] Shooting Yourself

    Some people shoot themselves through the mouth, or aim at the temple and I was wondering what is the best place to shoot yourself in the head to cause the fastest and painless death? I was also wondering why people don’t consider this method more. I understand some people can’t get their hands...
  14. J

    [Discussion] Suicide by cop

    I’ve been considering this method for a while now. My plan would be to go to a police station (there’s one right up the street from me), dressed in all black so they think I’m more of a threat, and either ram my car into the glass walls or throw a rock through the glass, causing the officers to...
  15. Maribelle

    [Help] Freezing

    I've heard that freezing to death can be quite peaceful towards the end, and I was considering if it's a realistic suicide method? I imagine it's kinda bad at the start, but apparently you get delirious over the duration so you'd be kinda out of it. I'm not sure how long it takes for someone to...
  16. A

    [Help] Failing helium method?

    >Bag on head >Squish bag so all air goes out >Fill bag with helium >Exhale all air from lungs >Pull down bag >Breathe >.... >.... >.... >Nothing happens What kind of bullshit is that? I have never passed out in my life so maybe I am a mutant or something but seriously wtf? I've read that most...