suicide attempt

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    Implementing the night night method

    Could someone help me in this? @Kooz Do I have the wrong hatchet? I am attaching the things I am using. My ratchet has two things. One with the steel part with a hook on the other side. The other part also has a hook on one side and just free end. I don't get how you could use this to make just...
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    [Help] I am scared.

    I am scared as I failed my latest attempt. I wasn't close to blacking out, but I could feel the blood pressurize against my vessels as it tried to escape. I felt like my whole face was getting heavier and my nerves would rupture. I felt like the synapses in my brain would tear. And I am mostly...
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    [Help] does anyone experience immense pain during a partial suspension attempt?

    I've been stepping up my attempts in response to some replies suggesting greater use of pressure/force. however, i'm experiencing intense pain and no signs of blacking out. my head feels extreme pressure and everything feels like its exploding any help?