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  1. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Story] How I arrived at the stance of nihilism, anti-natalism, and suicide as my answer.

    Note: This is NOT a goodbye post and also will not be dying anytime soon, but this is a story of how I arrived at such conclusions in regards to nihilism, anti-natalism, and suicide. There is a lot to unpack and discuss here, so this will be a very long post. Please bear with me and I appreciate...
  2. Baskol1

    If the christian god is real, hes evil.

    If the christian God, or rather Yahweh really exists, hes absolutely evil. Hes all knowing, and all powerful, so he must have created evil. Christians say we choose to do evil. But who did create evil? God did it of course. He knew that eve will eat the apple, yet did plant the tree right in...
  3. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Why aer some people completely against assisted dying?

    Why are there some people who are completel y against assisted dying, in any case? Do they like to wach others suffer who wants die? Or whats the reasonthat some people are completely opposed under all circumstances to assisted dying? What about the nonreligious ones?
  4. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Pray to jesus and you will be healed!

    Some religious fundamentalists think if you only pray hard enough to jesus/god you will be healed. And all sicknesses and illnesses can be cured, or made less worse just by praying and turning to jesus. I actually tried it several times. Of course it never worked. Now im a complete atheist...
  5. N

    Biggest reason for CTB

    I'm curious to see what is everyone's biggest reason for considering CTB as the only way out. Is it mental illness? Abuse? Trauma? Being misunderstood? Being LGBTQ, etc? Lack of connection? Lack of purpose? Lack of meaning? A little of everything Or nearly everything? I'm genuinely interested to...
  6. S

    [Discussion] too much suffering

    I wonder when we will thoroughly understand that this life just good no bad just a daily struggle with some brief
  7. Your Own Ghost

    [Discussion] The Worthiness of Suffering

    I’d like to share four accounts of suffering combined from personal and found experience. I speculate it’s a factor of the human condition for the survival of the species as a whole to readily deny the truth of or stay ignorant of the degree of others’ suffering, and I was going to write about...
  8. I

    Someone help me set up bitcoin, i'm too retarded, depressed and unmotivated to do it on my own

    I suffer from Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, which severely impairs your ability to focus, organize information, and critically analyze details. I can't digitally back up anything. Searching for answers is going to be a chore. Obviously, I need BTC so I can get N from A. Someone help me out...
  9. Hite ES

    [Resource] Probably the most controversial book ever written

    Ever Deeper Honesty: (free pdf, author unknown) What makes it so controversial? It shatters every delusion that humans have regarding life. Everything we've been brainwashed into holding sacred and believing in is a damn lie...
  10. Gray Wounds

    [Story] Exhausted

    I am new here. But I've been to several sites already, looking for a place such as this without having to encounter so much drama as "you'll be better" blah blah. I've been cutting since I was 16 and I am 18 rn. The cuts before are somewhat I call "baby cuts" because of their being not lethal...