1. S

    [Discussion] too much suffering

    I wonder when we will thoroughly understand that this life just good no bad just a daily struggle with some brief
  2. Your Own Ghost

    [Discussion] The Worthiness of Suffering

    I’d like to share four accounts of suffering combined from personal and found experience. I speculate it’s a factor of the human condition for the survival of the species as a whole to readily deny the truth of or stay ignorant of the degree of others’ suffering, and I was going to write about...
  3. I

    Someone help me set up bitcoin, i'm too retarded, depressed and unmotivated to do it on my own

    I suffer from Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, which severely impairs your ability to focus, organize information, and critically analyze details. I can't digitally back up anything. Searching for answers is going to be a chore. Obviously, I need BTC so I can get N from A. Someone help me out...
  4. Hite ES

    [Resource] Probably the most controversial book ever written

    Ever Deeper Honesty: (free pdf, author unknown) What makes it so controversial? It shatters every delusion that humans have regarding life. Everything we've been brainwashed into holding sacred and believing in is a damn lie...
  5. Gray Wounds

    [Story] Exhausted

    I am new here. But I've been to several sites already, looking for a place such as this without having to encounter so much drama as "you'll be better" blah blah. I've been cutting since I was 16 and I am 18 rn. The cuts before are somewhat I call "baby cuts" because of their being not lethal...