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  1. Safi

    Let's write a story together

    I don't know if any of you guys would like to join but if you do I'll give you credit for writing it together. You can continue the story or give ideas for it. Anyone can join! So I've written a bit but I haven't got much inspiration right now. Spoiler: It's a story about a guy who woke up in a...
  2. Alecsa

    [Discussion] Leaving people behind

    A back story: my ex cheated on me and it's been the cherry on top of my shit life. I can't say it's the reason why i want to ctb but it's my major trigger atm. My ex has always been scared of how i have times i strongly desire to ctb and says would blame himself etc. I don't want that for him...
  3. R

    [Story] My story

    I want to share with all of you who would like to read this, why and how did I get into this point. Suicide, the idea of ending my life by myself have been surrounding my head for a lot of years. It is very rear the nights before going to sleep without thinking of suicide; mostly every single...
  4. lady sea

    [Story] Rowen and her Minir Inconveniences, Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 “But what makes you feel this way?” Ali, my family’s Anpeo, floats above my bed while I talk to her about my maybe newly developed feelings for Ryder. “I don’t know. I think it’s the way he hugs me when he sees me during our fourth period.” I responded, thinking this feels an awful...
  5. lady sea

    [Story] Rowen and her Minor Inconveniences, Prologue

    Depending on the aura around your family by the time the second child is born, you get an Anpeo or you get a Vodi Nas. If you aren't able to have a child for whatever reason, you automatically get a Vodi Nas. Anpeos are like angels or gardians, while Vodi Nas are in a way like angels, but they...
  6. Pepega

    [Story] My story so far...a lot to read :)

    So this turned to be a lot longer than I expected, I cant even post it so I'm gonna put the rest in comments section, It's the first time I express my emotions on the internet like this, while typing I even remembered things that I long forgot about but I didn't put them all here because it's...
  7. L

    [Story] My battle with suicidality/nihilism

    I was born fucked in the head. I was born with Tourettes, narcolepsy, and dspd. No intelligence impairments just seizures and cataplexy attacks. Growing up I always paid attention to patterns, my mother was bipolar and incredibly abusive. I noticed her patterns of mania and depression and...
  8. 15dec

    [Venting] Heard some bad news

    I had a pretty deep conversation with my dad this morning. I had an argument with my mum and she stormed out and when I was venting to my dad about things she does, like making me feel guilty for feeling depressed and moving/losing my belongings and blaming me for it, he ended up telling me a...
  9. 15dec

    [Story] Cousins ctb

    I've never really been able to talk about this in detail, but this seems like a perfect place to talk about it. Two of my cousins ctb, one before I was born (I’ll call him K) and the other two years ago (I’ll call her A). It bothers me for a lot of reasons and it’s mostly how my family (and the...
  10. anthomaniac

    [Story] What is your favorite memory?

    Since my last failed attempt of CTB, i've found myself rewinding through my memories a lot, often coming across those top good times i've been through, those one that sometimes even make me reconsider my decision (until i remember, the people i had those memories with are no longer with me) so...
  11. M

    [Method] No money, need to die tomorrow. which method should i use?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Long story short, I am a total fuckup with epilepsy and chronic depression at 21, and can't leave my bed for long because of back problems. This is the backstory you can skip: My parents divorced a year ago, that was little after my epilepsy started...
  12. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Stories that makes you have a good cry

    Do you know some story that can makes you cry to the point of looking like a waterfall? Any format is welcome: book, movie, game, etc. Share the stories more impact had in you and revived some feelings you didn't experience from time ago, and hopefully I'll consider it and try to reanimate my...
  13. T


    This is my first time on this site. Sorry about my "shish" english. I'm a Italian/Persian girl of 19 years old and live in turin with my mother and my only older sister. my father work in Iran, and my parents have been divorced for 5 years old. in my life, I went in a horrible school for...
  14. A

    [Story] failed first attempt yesterday

    I failed to suffocate myself by carbon monoxide poisoning plus sleep pills in a closed room. It's been 24 hours. Alive, but I am still extremely depressed now. I lose all hope: studying at college for 8 years and dropped out last year, never graduated, no friends, zero job experience,no...