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  1. onlyinsleep

    When do we down the Benzos? (sn?)

    Sorry and I forgot if I asked this...I legit do suffer from memory loss a lot. But when do you take the Benzos? How long before sodium nitrite and antiemetics?
  2. Lettam

    [Help] Questions about Cerucal for SN

    Hi there, I, unfortunately, had to obtain Cerucal since my Primperan had some issues with being delivered. Does anyone know how much of this I should take before I attempt the SN method? I've tried doing some research on the forum but there doesn't seem to be much out there about it. There is...
  3. Lettam

    [Help] Sodium Nitrite Qs

    Hi guys. I had a few questions about the SN method and was wondering if I could get some help. Any help is appreciated. Sorry if there are a lot, I really want to make sure my attempt goes well. I've read that Sodium Nitrite can become Sodium Nitrate after being opened (after approx. 30...
  4. J

    [Method] Sodium nitrite (yet again)

    So I snorted a bit, rubbed a bit on my skin and ate a bit. Have to say, really not that bad. I do feel a bit weird, but I've been drinking (as always), so it's hard to say. I also definitely have a bit of a headache since. So, any comments, questions, recommendations or concerns? I think I've...
  5. Querry1

    [Method] Sodium nitrite attempt

    As I said, I'm copypasting my story. I said earlier that I phoned 911 - my mistake, I didn't remember it and actually it was other way around, sorry for that. " Hey guys, last night I went with sodium nitrite and wanted to share some a story. I mixed 15g with 60ml of water, half hour before I...