sodium nitrite

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  1. P

    [Method] Got my SN and meto

    Hello everyone, I've been posting here since mid-July but this is my first thread. Please like, comment and subscribe! No, wait.... :D Just got my SN ordered online from a domestic manufacturer. It's legal and you wouldn't believe how cheap it's here. I also got my meto bit earlier, it was...
  2. thrwaway99

    [Discussion] How would you take SN if you decided to go with it?

  3. G

    Combining SN with the night night method?

    I'm worried about just using SN because even with Reglan and Zofran I struggle just to eat normal food without throwing up. I'm wondering if anyone sees something that could go wrong with me taking SN, and then quickly attempting the night night method with a tree crank. I figure that even if I...
  4. onlyinsleep

    Will SN cause a lot of pain with no gallbladder?

    Edit: I'm super sorry if I've asked this before. I have a terrible memory sometimes due to my condition. So there doesn't seem to be a lot of literature regarding whether or not SN causes abdominal pain. If you Google it, it CLAIMS that is a side effect. Nitschke says it is a peaceful way to...
  5. Nobodysfault

    [Help] Does this SN source looks legit to you?

    Press here for link Does anyone know this source? Do you think its pure SN? Ps. How can we trust the seller (or custom if its international shipping) not to open the sn bag (so it wont turn into sodium nitrate)? Already bought it, asking if its legit.
  6. onlyinsleep

    What is the equivalent dose of domperidone for SN?

    I'm doing SN so what is the right stat dose of domperidone in comparison to say Meto? Everyone uses Meto, but I couldn't get it and there's hardly any info on it. Also, what's your favorite scale to buy? Lol. The day I do SN on bday I'll post my experience here as a thank you.
  7. J

    [Resource] Testing your SN using an aquarium testing kit (rough version)

    Hello, by popular demand I bring you this tutorial... This is a bit rough right now but you can get a general idea on how you can do it. In the future (if i'm still around) i will ask moderators for help with editing it. Here's how to test your SN! Basically you're going to need the following...
  8. Deathmandie

    [Discussion] What you think Sn kill you

    What you think SN kill in sleep, peaceful death or give uneasy death?
  9. F

    [Help] Reliable source of Sodium Nitrite for UK?

    Which site can I find a legitimate source of SN? I've read that it can be dangerous to buy from Ebay, are there some trusted sites for the UK? Also, how can I get hold of some anti-emetic like Metoclopramide without too much hassle? Thanks.
  10. deathplease

    [Venting] Guess SN isn’t going to work for me

    Apparently the SN I ordered is garbage. So now I had to go through the trouble of calling ebay and asking them to cancel both orders. I’m so angry. I FINALLY had a solution that wasn’t torturous and I was so happy. I’m starting to accept that I will never be able to ctb. Please kill me. I just...
  11. deathplease

    SN - Am I doing it right?

    I plan on going via SN as all of my other methods have seem to have failed me. Here’s the 2 items I have in my carts. This is the best SN I can find that can be shipped to me, as well as the primperan I found. I plan to buy tagament at the drug store as it’s OTC. Am I purchasing the correct...
  12. Can'tStandAnymore

    [Discussion] Sodium nitrite tech grade?

    The website which I'm planning to buy sn from, have only tech grade sn. It doesn't say the percentage of sodium nitrite also. Which grade you recommend as minimum? Is food grade enough?
  13. Lettam

    [Help] Sodium Nitrite Qs

    Hi guys. I had a few questions about the SN method and was wondering if I could get some help. Any help is appreciated. Sorry if there are a lot, I really want to make sure my attempt goes well. I've read that Sodium Nitrite can become Sodium Nitrate after being opened (after approx. 30...
  14. idecidewhen

    [Help] SN and painkillers

    I understand the preparation with SN, but hear that there can be pain. Any thoughts on using something like panadeine forte as part of the preparation or adding crushed PF as part of the SN solution. I'm thinking it might be helpful and hour before (4/6 tablets) to assist drowsiness and any...
  15. D

    [Method] SN

    So I have purchased 250g of SN 99.9 % & smart weight scales that go up to 500g . From what I can understand 15g of SN is the lethal dose. I don't know my weight yet but do I need to know that ?or in the way I was thinking; doing the 15g of SN or double it to 30g. I am not too sure .Also another...
  16. TheFishingDude

    [Discussion] Sodium Nitrite Quality Concerns

    Hi, Received my sodium nitrite in 2 zipped plastic bags - each 10g so I have a total of 20g Ordered from "aardvark172" eBay seller. Strangely I received package from Poland despite him claiming he's in UK. Could it be he has a partner in Poland that ships? Then I found buyer's complaint on his...
  17. Failureforlife1

    [Help] Is this SN any good?

    Would this SN be good to CTB?
  18. C2theN

    [Method] Multiple Methods

    Does anyone have more than one method - like Plan A + Plan B + Plan C, in case one of them fails? My scheme is to drink SN, snort as much #4 heroin as I can, and then maybe empty an insulin pen if I'm still conscious. I'd also mix in some booze and benzos. My biggest worry is puking that up...
  19. 15dec

    [Help] SN Storage

    So I need to move my sn from the bag it was delivered in into another bag (if I have one around) or some tupperware. Is there any way this could damage the sn, make it less effective, etc?
  20. Lunaemoth

    My last goodbye....

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this thread because I've got about 9 hours until I take my SN. I'll be taking it at 9 pm EST, in a hotel room near my house. I am really so grateful that I found this site; before I found it I'd been planning an otc overdose, which is one of the worst methods, and...