social anxiety

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    [Story] Crack in this system

    Crack in the system, Also fruits and salt, The man who hooked me up, He kind of fucked me, Upset of me loosing his, 25 dollar target gift card, Even though I paid forty dollars in return, As punishment, He got me fooled, To eat some fruit with added salt, Now don’t do that, My survival...
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    [Venting] The nature of humanity

    The nature of humanity, Within all sanity, And everything, That we hold dear, We shall not fear, And even if so, How shall we go, This place is hell, We all fell, Into this well, Of misery, Despite the agony, Despite the family, And even friends, Or the pets, For I truly believe, That I am...
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    [Story] failed first attempt yesterday

    I failed to suffocate myself by carbon monoxide poisoning plus sleep pills in a closed room. It's been 24 hours. Alive, but I am still extremely depressed now. I lose all hope: studying at college for 8 years and dropped out last year, never graduated, no friends, zero job experience,no...