1. lost in my mind

    [Discussion] Brain damage from practicing on strangulations?

    Hey so I’m new here, I’m just curious about the damage practicing the strangulation can cause.. do any of you know if there are any? I don’t mean the cases of people trying to ctb by partial hanging or so and failed, I mean just from trying it . Brain damage? Heart damage? Can it raise up the...
  2. A

    Antidepressants side effects

    I've been told that the antidepressants I've been prescribed, Citalopram, will make me feel worse before they make me feel better. I'm hoping that the 'worse' period will make me feel bad enough to have the courage to finally CTB. Did anyone else feel like wanting to CTB more than usual when...
  3. Gray Wounds

    The effect of a failed overdose

    As I've said on my story, I first drank 600 mg of Benadril (mg and not g, my mistake last night) on the first night then another 600 mg on the morning after. My mind frequently blacks out, though my body remains conscious and seems to be perfectly fine (taken from those who have witnessed...