1. Lavender1999

    Diagram for medulla oblongata

    I’ve chose to go out via shotgun to mouth, eventually, but when you research how exactly to get it right without blowing off your face, the only info is to place barrel in mouth at a 45 degree angle. I have no idea how to measure that but is there some kind of diagram of the positioning of a...
  2. T

    [Method] Anyone with firearms knowledge here?

    Hey guys, I used to lurk on the subreddit but I was too afraid to post anything. I'm writing this now because I'm making preparations to ctb. My method of choice is a shotgun to the temple. I have been blessed with the opportunity of living in a state with lax gun laws so despite having...
  3. T

    This is what believe to be a fool proof method

    Hi everyone, just made an account to share my hypothetical method, maybe you can add to it with some advice I will live in poverty my entire life so I know when the time comes that I need to retire or I lose my job and I'm about to be homeless this will be my plan obtain a double barrel 12...