short drop

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  1. Wurusawa

    [Help] How long does it take to die from hanging?

    I worry over the prospect of being discovered and conseqentually surviving with permanent injuries. To plan this as well as possible I want to know how long it could take until one is dead or at least beyond return. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me or provide me with resources on how...
  2. B

    [Help] Short drop

    I want to know all there is to make sure i dont fail. I have my rope. I tied it in a "scaffold knot" and it feels good. What i want to know is how long should the length from doorknob to the knot around my neck be? What kind of knot should i use around the door knob? How do i test out if the...
  3. dsbm

    What rope to use for short drop hanging?

    I can't find a good answer as to what rope I should use for simple suspension. Should it be an inflexible, strong rope like hemp or manila, or a flexible one made of cotton or polyester? Also is 3/4 in or 1in more effective? Thanks to anyone who can answer this.