1. kkatt

    [Story] "Oh! The anti-virus guy!"

    That's the response I get when I ask if people have heard about John McAfee There's so very much more You might have seen the documentary on Netflix called "Gringo.The dangerous life of John McAfee". At some point during his escapades in Belize,shortly before he "allegedly" had his neighbour...
  2. Metavoid

    [Discussion] Bugchasing

    I haven't really seen anything here about having so much sex that you get AIDS and die. Seems like a fun way to go, to be fair.
  3. Metavoid

    Losing yourself to a relationship

    Who else has been in an extremely deep romantic relationship that essentially stole your entire identity? It's hard to let go of one like that because you would be lost. The thought of being alone or worse, being and having sex with someone else makes you feel physically sick. Attempting to look...
  4. AntiLifeEric

    [Venting] Tired of this terrible world

    My outlook seems to be getting constantly worse, maybe as my awareness of how fucked we are increases. I'm tired of all the sin and debauchery. I'm tired of watching porn that makes me want to vomit, and I'm beginning to hate sexuality, in general. I'm tired of thinking of all the suffering in...
  5. Smilla

    Sex workers

    Any former or current sex workers on here? I was a prostitute when I was 17-23.