self harm

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  1. irregularheartbeat

    [Venting] Self harm // Urges

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I'm having really intense urges to self harm at this time, I want to so badly it's hard to breath. I just can't, I'm living with my friends right now because they know I want to self harm and ctb, so they don't give me much time to myself to keep me safe. The bathroom door does...
  2. Justwantittoend

    [Method] Bleeding out?

    I'm ready. I'm MORE than ready to try to ctb again. I've dabbled with the idea of suspension or partial suspension but I really want to slit my wrists. Is it hard to bleed out? What complications could I run into? I know the "best way" is the ol' down the river and not across the street but...
  3. jellybelly4

    Self Harm

    I’ve been in a very dark place recently and it has become harder to cope and remain calm. I stopped cutting myself years ago but I’ve always been great at keeping it hidden. Nowhere visible by the public. I just didn’t want to look like “a cry for help”. I want to start again because I just need...
  4. E

    Self mutilation question

    injecting numbing cream then cutting off my boobs. All of it. I’m going to be flat chested.
  5. S

    [Discussion] Music you listen to suffer

    does anyone else listen to really gruesome and disturbing music? if so, what?
  6. dontwantthislife

    NEED to CTB the bus tonight... failed throat cut/partial

    Howdy y'all I'm 23, female, from Australia. I've got a history of severe self harm (down to muscle), requiring multiple surgeries etc. Been inpatient in a psych hospital a few times - worst time EVER of my LIFE. While I was there I cut my throat with a razor I had snuck in, I was 4mm away from...
  7. W

    Started Cutting

    I feel like I'm not cutting deep enough but also don't want to severely bleed out because I'm not in my own apartment and if I die it would be unfair to the returning tenants. Is there a guide i can look at, and/or videos i can watch? i am using double edge razors as my knife barely worked.
  8. Sanguinius

    Self harm - when are stitches necessary?

    Hi, I have a question: I'm a excessive selfharmer. My cuts are often gaping 1-1,5 cm (~0,5 inches). So far, I've always gone and got stitches, as they told me at the ward. But is this absolutely necessary? If not, do you know when it is?
  9. eczema

    Self harm relapse

    was digging through an old sewing kit when i cut my index finger pretty bad on a razor blade hidden in there. took it and cut my leg. it felt great. a lot of blood got on one of my porcelain dolls, but i'm not too upset. looks kinda cool. i hid the razor blade in the diary that came with one of...
  10. R

    [Help] How else can i self-harm without leaving marks?

    Economically, socially, and physically, I'm in a good place. Problem is that there's been a niggling urge to destroy myself since I was a child that hasn't gone away even into healthy young adult maturity. There must be something wrong in my wiring; I don't view death as an escape but a...