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  1. Plankter

    [Venting] Universities here don't cost money, they cost your sanity & mental health

    It's like that episode of Rick and Morty where satan sells people items that are seemingly free but entail a curse. I have to take an exam at the end of this year to continue my education. Sounds innocent at first glance, but man the preparation period sucks your soul out. The competition is so...
  2. Faulisdead

    [Help] How do you get through school while suicidal/depressed

    Currently in my 3rd year of college. Just transferred to a 4-year university. Due to an increase in stressors in personal life, it's been increasingly difficult to focus on my studies. All I want to do is just lay in bed all day and cry. How the hell do people manage to get their...
  3. ganpres37


    you know, it saddens me that i came back. i was doing so well for a while, and now i'm suicidal again. maybe i'm not meant to experience joy. anyways, i have a dumb question related to school: if i fail a certain number of classes in high school, will i get held back? asking because i think if i...
  4. Caustic Cardinals

    [Discussion] Learning disables

    I'm dyslexic, add, adhd, it has completely wrecked my self esteem . I do use a lot of assistive tech but that alone has not enough. I need have always needed guidance and coaching and mentoring these thing are seemingly non existent without strong social supports..