save me

  1. C

    [Help] The Father of Ashley

    The Father of Ashley, The only other officer, Who I look up to as a father figure, Like a second father hopefully a father in law, Or maybe a father in law in dreams, memory, nightmares, and reality even in games and pranks that we used to play and/or don’t play anymore, Yeah, we call that...
  2. C

    [Venting] Adam you keep getting worse

    Adam you keep getting worse, And worse every time we try to recreate the scenario, We are trying to help you, But it isn’t working anymore, Maybe I don’t know who I am anymore, The first love and the last love, Do I even have a girlfriend or was it all a dream, Or a fading memory, Or a...
  3. Tiburcio

    [Help] Numb the pain

    As you will know, commiting suicide is something painful. The pain is what stopped me when I tried to ctb in some occasion. Alcohol doesn't work, pills doesn't work, borh mixed are a bit useful... I know it sound like an excuse but I can't handle it. I'm too sensitive. Fuck this shit.