1. Faulisdead

    [Discussion] Question about hanging

    I've already asked this on the hanging megathread but have received no response. So I get that I need to tie a slipknot with my "rope". However, what knot do I need to use to tie my "rope" to the fixture I'll be hanging from? Also, in you're opinion, what's the best material/object to use for...
  2. D

    hanging points for suspension hanging?

    What are any good possible points? Give me all you ideas.
  3. dsbm

    What rope to use for short drop hanging?

    I can't find a good answer as to what rope I should use for simple suspension. Should it be an inflexible, strong rope like hemp or manila, or a flexible one made of cotton or polyester? Also is 3/4 in or 1in more effective? Thanks to anyone who can answer this.
  4. B

    [Help] Would this work

    I am planning to hang myself from my door knob (tie the rope to the other side of the door, close the door and hang yourself on the other side) apparently this method is painless for the most part if you do it properly because you blackout after 10 seconds or so. Is there anything I should...