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  1. MelancholyPie

    Relationship between atheistm and suicide

    Were you always an atheist? Or you did you become one during your lifetime? Why? What are your thoughts on what happens after death? Are you at ease with this knowledge? I was raised by christian parents, and was very devotedly christian up until 14 years old. During my years as a teen, I...
  2. Baskol1

    Discussion Why aer some people completely against assisted dying?

    Why are there some people who are completel y against assisted dying, in any case? Do they like to wach others suffer who wants die? Or whats the reasonthat some people are completely opposed under all circumstances to assisted dying? What about the nonreligious ones?
  3. Baskol1

    Discussion What do you think of catholic prolifers?

    You know pro life catholics are even against contraception, not just abortion. What do you think of pro life catholics? And what is the catholic stance on suicide? Do we go all to hell according to the catholic church? I think its madness to be against contraception if the child mortality rate...
  4. Baskol1

    Discussion Christians trying to scare you with hell

    What do you think of christians who try to stop you from commiting suicide by saying that you will end up in hell? Why do they think atheists are scared of a nonexistent place like hell? Did ever anyone tried to scare you with hell? And did it work? Are you personally scared of hell? Or is life...
  5. Baskol1

    Venting Religious prolifers are the worst.

    I think the religious prolifers and anti suicide crowd are the worst. Especially their platitudes are the worst. Like Jesus loves, you and if you pray to jesus you will not be depressed or suicidal anymore. You dont need therapy, just jesus. They do not offer any help, but will you criticize...
  6. xXSarac3nSlay3rXx

    Venting Was Going to Lie to Parents in Note to Make Them Feel Better

    I was indoctrinated with this bullshit from day one. I never knew any better. This hell bullshit scared me shitless when I was a fucking kid. For all I know, it’s part of the reason that I’m mentally fucked now. Now I’m watching my little sister go through the same shit. I finally broke myself...
  7. ish

    The problem of understanding and imagining god.

    The problem of understanding and imagining god. Most of the early and primitive cults began by personifying and giving personality to the gods and naming them. These gods had zoomorphic or human shapes, had human weaknesses, defects, etc. This trend indicates that from the ancient To the...
  8. ish

    Discussion Religion carries a message?

    Hello. I would like to present a certain view - Religions allow us to perceive the world in a specific way most often pro-life, it is impossible to hide that it is easier for those who adhere to the truth to be "revealed" to live. When life circumstances force us for independent thinking and...
  9. Mikulal1995

    Discussion Do you ever find solace in New Age philosophies of reincarnation and life after death?

    I started to seriously consider suicide as a way out of my extensive misery: I live with a mild form of cerebral palsy, I'm gay, I have bipolar disorder with severe depressive episodes, in addition to other shitty things like innumerable interpersonal conflicts with my family, poor future...
  10. Lost Soul

    Discussion Do you believe in God?

  11. Sasha

    Discussion Loss of faith.

    Is it just me or did anyone else lose their faith in religion? I did not completely lose it but I don’t believe in my gods as I used to. Before I used to feel their presence every second, now I barely feel them. If someone would have told me 2 years ago that there would be a day where I would...
  12. M

    Discussion Afterlife (and related) general discussion

    Since there are numerous threads about afterlife, reincarnation, heaven and hell, limbo, nirvana, the list goes on, I thought it was a good idea to make a general thread for the subject. Let's try to respect each other's views. No one knows what awaits us after we die, if anything other than...
  13. Plankter

    Any religious people ?

    How do you feel about being here and giving/taking advice on suicide, since suicide is a sin in pretty much all religions ? Also i would like to know how you feel about people of other religions posting about their death. Would you still encourage it even though your religion says they would go...