1. 15dec

    [Venting] Relationships

    Anyone else have ridiculous luck with relationships? I feel kinda dumb making this thread because I’m one of the young users here so I obviously haven’t dealt with as much as the rest of you have, but I still feel like I’ve had pretty awful luck especially considering how young I am. So, I’ve...
  2. Metavoid

    Losing yourself to a relationship

    Who else has been in an extremely deep romantic relationship that essentially stole your entire identity? It's hard to let go of one like that because you would be lost. The thought of being alone or worse, being and having sex with someone else makes you feel physically sick. Attempting to look...
  3. P

    [Help] Dealing with friends pre-death

    Hey there! Thank you for letting me become a part of this community and hopefully this first post won’t fall flat on its face. So for a plethora of reasons, I will be killing myself in the near future (while I still have money and resources for the exit bag method). I won’t go into the...
  4. FullFat

    [Venting] Resigning Myself to the Fact That I Will Die Alone

    I don't mean to be a melodramatic crybaby, but it is what it is. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now because it wasn't something I was actively choosing. Now, after more life experience with my mental illness, I know I am better off single. Anybody else purposefully avoiding a love...