1. Faulisdead

    Favorite subreddits

    Hey y'all, what have been your favorite subreddits lately? Doesn't have to be suicide related. Mine are /r/: nuclearrevenge beatlescirclejerk atetheonion crimescene morbidreality cringetopia diWHY sadcringe WTF and before it got banned, r/watchpeopledie
  2. Serge

    Censorship on ttg

    This is the only thread I'm going to make about this because drama is never ideal, but I feel there needs to be an official stance from us, considering people on reddit are being censored. After weeks of complains on the ttg sub, yesterday two big threads were put up by users that reached front...
  3. F

    [Discussion] Reddit suicide promotion

    How come reddit administrators bans all suicide subreddits (now they implemented a bot spamming prevention hotlines if anyone mentions I want to die anywhere) However, certain types of suicide are well accepted and even available at the frontpage, with gold...