1. I am ___________

    [Discussion] Are there any hikikomori or recluse in our community?

    If you are comfortable discussing it, would you list your reasons for how you became one and why you have decided that suicide is an option that you are leaning towards? As one myself I am very much interested in the experience of other hikikomori/recluses and how they got to where they are now.
  2. G

    [Discussion] My life is going well, yet i have no desire to continue to do this for the next 60+ years

    Basically the title. I have had depression for years, it's just part of my personality now. I'm content in my life and make strides to improve myself my career, etc. I have goals and am organized and have passions and hobbies I love. My family is strong and stable and loving. I do lack a lot of...
  3. Mike

    [Discussion] Your path to suicide.

    I need to know. What exactly has been crushed, destroyed, abandoned or forsaken to make you think that to rid yourself of your life is the only choice? What have you been through? What have you been fighting? And why can't you see yourself defeating it? I'm kinda lost and very very curious...