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  1. I want to die

    [Method] Curious

    What would be the worst reaction to overdosing on cocain ? Would someone simply stop breathing or would start seeing things?
  2. L

    Trazodone OD?

    I’ve recently had most methods of ctb taken away from me, but I found 2300mg of trazadone and alcohol. I’ve tried searching the lethality of this, and it seems fairly low, but it’s all I’ve got. So I just want to know a good dosage you all think might work, and possible side effects/likelihood...
  3. W

    [Discussion] Chances of "waking up" from partial?

    Is there a possibility that you could wake back up after passing out from partial even if you have a good support, good ligature and a properly tied slipknot? Could your body spaz into a position where the pressure gets released? Bonus question: Is it ok to place the knot at the front? I have...
  4. sadandneedhelp

    [Help] Need advice/help with method

    Hi, I'm 15 years old and i live in California. ive been suicidal for 5 years and have been hospitalized many times. i just recently experienced something in my life that has pushed me to the edge. i am seriously considering taking my own life. a lot of things in my life are so unbearable and...
  5. anthomaniac

    [Story] What is your favorite memory?

    Since my last failed attempt of CTB, i've found myself rewinding through my memories a lot, often coming across those top good times i've been through, those one that sometimes even make me reconsider my decision (until i remember, the people i had those memories with are no longer with me) so...
  6. Aqizeth

    What do you think of antinatalism?

    Note: Idk if this has been asked before. In my opinion life is pretty pointless & feels like it mostly consists of suffering. Like a post on this website once said, that there are "happy moments", but in the end nothing is worthy eneogh to keep on suffering through life. (Btw this is the post)...
  7. N

    [Method] Exsanguination by needle

    Is it possible to die by exsanguination if you puncture your artery with a needle like when you go get your blood drawn (except it's the artery and not the vein)? I mean we only have around 5 liters of blood in our body. If I get a big needle and puncture my artery with the needle still stuck...
  8. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Would do you have an open relationship?

    I'm curious for knowing your answer. I directly wouldn't be into a relationship, but if I was interested in them, probably yes.
  9. NotTheStatusQuo

    Household electricity to chest

    Forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere, but is there a consensus on this method of suicide? Say you took the cord from an appliance, cut it, taped one stripped wire to your chest, beside your heart, and the other on the opposite side of your heart then plugged it in. Would this stop...